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From: Jake Harper
Subject: Forget About It; Chapter 7Forget About ItChapter 7: When's It Going To End?(Mason's view)So yea, sure, tits on preteens helping Jake in this whole `murder mystery' thing wasn't
exactly on my agenda for this summer but it's not like I'm doing this for
nothing. I have my reasons for wanting to get in on this."Mason? Honey, what are you doing up here?" Eww. Did Jake's Aunt really
just call me honey? So gross. "Oh um hi Jackie. I'm just, you know, umm sitting here at the
kitchen table waiting.... well waiting to talk to you. How are you today?
You look lovely.""Mason haha don't make me laugh. I am wearing my jogging outfit not a
freakin wedding dress." "Right. Ha uhh is Jake here?""Weren't you just downstairs with him playing video games?" "Right again. Haha" God Mason just ask her why she got the new
car!My phone starts to vibrate. I check it to see who it is. `Mason you need
to ask her already!' Wow Jake orgasm preteen really? You're preteen galleries fruit
going to rush me? "So Ms. Jackie.""That's not my last name hun." "Yea I know. Jake was telling me about this really 15yo best preteen nasty
looking car you used to have and I was wondering, why'd you get a new one?""My car wasn't that ugly. Hmm well I got preteen schoolgirls sex the new one because I had got into
an accident and the car was completely wrecked." "Really? Jake never mentioned you were in a car accident.""Well... I didn't tell Jake." "Even so... I'd imagine that he could tell by the damage on
yourself, seeing that the accident was pretty bad.""I think it's time for you to go Mason. Go! Get out! Mind your own
business." Is she kidding? Oh, guess not she's pulling me out the front
door. "If you ever interrogate me like that again, I will personally make
sure you never see the light of day again. K?"
OMG! Wow that was harsh. "Get the hell off my property now!"(Jake's view)Ok so Mason has been upstairs child fuck preteens
forever and still no news from him. Should I
go check on him? I don't want to mess up things though non nudde preteens and I might just
interrupt Aunt Jackie telling him something important. Or I might interrupt
my Aunt Jackie trying to murder Mason like she did with Ben's dad! I run up
the basement stairs and burst through the door."What's the rush Jake?" "... Ben?"(Mason's view)So sitting here on my couch is also an unexpected part of my summer. I want
to be over at Jake's! Why did I have to go and dvd uncensored preteens help? I'm stuck now
though. Let me see, it's been around two hours since I left Jake's. Maybe I
should call him. Can't hurt, can it? I pick up my phone and dial Jake's
number. "Hello?""Mason?" "Yea.""Where child fuck preteens
did you run off to buddy?" "It's a really long story. Can we meet up somewhere?""I actually can't right now, I'm sorry. How about me and you go to the mall
tomorrow and see a flick and talk afterwards?" "Umm sure.""Great. I got to go. I'll pick you up around one. Bye." "Bye." What in the world is he doing? He sounded a bit
distracted. Was someone over there, someone more dvd uncensored preteens important then the person
helping him with this stranger's murder?(Ben's view) "Listen Jake before you thumbnail series preteen
say anything, I'm here on business. I
need to know about anything suspicious happening around here since my
father's murder.""Oh.... you aren't here for me?" "What? What about you?""Are you serious right now?" "Oh... you mean about what happened before I left?""Forget about it Ben. Nothing suspicious has happened now can you please
leave?" "Jake...""Just get out now."What the hell is up preteen pass his ass? I haven't done anything to him except leave
and that had nothing to do with him; I left for me. Jake needs to realize
that and move on. We are always just going to be friends, especially now
with Zac.(Jake's view)He came for business? What about his unfinished business? Me... Jesus how
could I have fallen so quick for him? Why did I preteen hymen story let myself do that? I need
someone who can be there for me and love me everyday no matter what
happens. I just really need.... Mason...(Mason's view)What? Why is Jake calling me at eleven o' clock at night? "Hello""Mason? Are you up?" "I think I am if I'm talking to you.""Haha. Hey listen, can we meet tonight? I really need to talk to you about
some issues I'm having." "Jake, it's really late.""Yea, I know but.... I need to tell you something right now." "Then just say it.""I can't do it over the phone..." "Jake...""Ok I like you." Woah! I hang up the phone and just blankly stare at
it. Did he really just say that? I mean I'm not gay or bi. Did I give him
the intention that I was? Wow I forbidden preteen paysites just really can't believe this right now.
Wow.(Ben's view) "How can you be doing this to me?! I love you Zac! Does that
not mean anything to you?""Ben, I'm sorry but I really can't date you when I know in the
end.... Never mind, sexy preteens dancing can we forget about this conversation and start back
over to when you walked through my door and said `I'm home'?" "It's not that easy Zac... you said you weren't sure if this
relationship was going to work. You can't just take things like that back.""Please Ben." "I... I need some time... alone."I walk out the door and get in my car. Zac can't possibly do this to me
the day that I see Jake. Whether or not I'd like to admit it, asian preteens nudes I still had
feelings for Jake and they weren't going to go away anytime soon. I need to
sort this shit out! There is only one place to go at a time like this.I pull up to the park. Sure it's one in the morning but I don't
care. Something about this place just makes me feel at home, oh wait it is
my home. I wonder what Jake is doing? Probably playing video games knowing
him. Let me give him a call. Or.. I could just walk over there...(Jake's view)Ok so maybe telling Mason I like him wasn't the best thought out plan I
mean, he's not gay and I knew this so why did I say it? Do I even know that
I like him for a fact? GOD makes my life so complicated! And of course it's
about to get a lot more complicated."Jake, why was your friend asking me all those questions today?" "I'm not sure I know what you're talking about Aunt Jackie.""Don't play me like a fool dammit," she says as she grabs me by my neck. "
I know what you're up to and I'm telling you right now, you better stop
before things get a whole lot worse for you." "Get the fuck off me! You're hurting me!" I say, trying to
break free of her grasp."Don't maxwell top preteen struggle Jake, you'll just make it preteen russain lollitas worse."As Aunt Jackie finishes her sentence, there is a knock on the door. "HELP!!"Aunt Jackie throws me to the floor and reaches for a knife on the
counter. I kick her leg and she falls before she has a chance to grab
it. As she hits the ground Ben bursts in and runs towards the kitchen. "Ben!""Ben get out of here, Aunt Jackie is feeling very angry right now!!" Holy
fuck she's gone mad! "I'm not leaving without Jake.""Jake, take your little friend and get the hell out of my house, and mark
my words.... If you ever try to come back into this house, I will slit your
throat and make you wish you were never born." "C'mon Ben," I say getting up and pulling Ben to the front
door."Jackie.... For as long as I live... I will never let you lay a hand on
Jake ever again..."Wow, did Jake really just say that? That was so sweet. Jake and I walk out
of the house. "Thank you so much for that.""It's the least I can do...to make up for the way I've been acting. Listen
Jake, I'm sorry for making it seem like what we had was nothing. The truth
is... it meant so much to me that we had connected and then I went and
ruined it with what I did and it's my fault that any of this happened." usenet preteen naked "Ben.... I forgive you.""Are you sure? I really messed up." "Yea I know but, you just made up for everything by saying what
you did.""Well...I'm glad then." He flashes me a smile and we reach is car. " So
where are we going?" "Well I don't know...""To be honest I have no where to go.... Do you?" "Not really. Well I do have one friend but he's most likely
sleeping.""Well call him and see...we really have no other choice." "True."I pull out my phone and dial Mason's number. Wow if this works out, it
could be hellza awkward."Hello? Jake why do you keep calling me so late?" "Mason, I need a favor. Me and my friend Ben just ran into some
serious trouble and we need a place to stay...""You mean to tell me you woke me up at two in the morning to tell me you
and some stranger need to stay the night at my house?' "Yes. So can we?""Come on over Jake." "OMG thank you so much Mason, I promise I will make it up to
you.""Just shut up and call me when you get here."He hangs up and Ben and I get in his car and drive to Mason's house. Once
we get there, I dial Mason's number again. "Hey we are outside.""I see you, japanese preteen pantyhoses hold on." Just then Mason opens up his front door. "You are so
lucky my parents aren't here." He smiles then hangs up his phone. I do the
same and get out of the car. "Hey Mason. I'd like you to meet Ben.""Hi Ben, I'm Mason as you can tell." "Haha yea I kind of figured. Can we go inside now?""Yes, of course."We go inside and sit on Mason's couch as he offers us some drinks. "Mason it's been a really long night, can we skip the drinks
and just go to bed?""Haha sure. So I have a couch and a queen-size bed in my room... Who is
lucky guy who gets to sleep in the bed with me?" "Well since you are my friend and Ben is a stranger to you, I
will.""Haha ok." "Hey Jake? Can I talk to you for a moment?""Sure Ben."Ben and I walk over to the corner."Jake... I really don't want you sleeping in the same bed with this guy..." "Why not?""Listen... I really want thing s to go back to the way they were before I
left... you know... us liking each other again." Just then Ben's phone
rings. "Are you going to answer that?" Ben looks at his phone and put
it back in his pocket. `Ben answer it.""It's not important." "I don't care answer it!" The phone stops ringing and it
beeps. "What does that mean?""It means I have a voicemail..." "Let me listen to it.""Jesus Jake, if it truly makes you happy then fine preteen thong archive let's listen to it." He
pulls his phone out and calls his voicemail. `Hey Ben this is Zac... Listen
I'm really sorry about what I said but you need to know that I still love
you and I want you to come home. Also, when you said you loved me
yesterday... I really wanted to marry you then and there. Hehe bye Ben,
please call back.' "Wow Ben... I can't even believe you right now." I run upstairs
and into Mason's room.(Mason's view)Wow... Ben and Jake must have really been arguing because before I knew it,
Jake was running upstairs. "What happened with him?""Sorry Mason... I really don't want to talk about it. Can we go to your
room now?" thumbnail series preteen "Ya sure." I lead Ben up to my room and when I open the door
Jake is in my bed already. Well he didn't waste any time. "Well there is
the couch right there and the covers are in the closet right there," I say
pointing to the couch and the closet. "I'm preteen galleries fruit going to go get a drink for
myself so go ahead and go to bed if you want.""I'll wait up for you actually." "Mk..."I go downstairs and get a glass of orange juice. It's actually non nudde preteens kind of
scary, Ben waiting up for me and all. Maybe he likes me too? I don't
know. I go back upstairs and Ben is out in the hall sitting against the
wall crying. "Are you ok Ben?""To be honest.... No. I fucking hate everything that's happening right
now." "Like what?""It's a long story." "We got time."Ben explains everything that is going on and it's actually quite
interesting to me. "Wow.... So you and Jake were like a couple? And you are the
guy whose parents died?""Yes and yes." "Wow... Can you keep a secret?""Hell yea I can. Haha." "Alright, well, Jake told me he liked me yesterday and I think
I might have feelings for him too.""What? Are you serious?" "Well I think so.... I really don't know. Even if I did, we
could never work.""Why is that?" "Well because I've never tried anything with a guy before.""Who says you need to?" "Me. Haha. I don't think I could satisfy Jake if I can't even
kiss him.""Then how about you just try to kiss him and stick to that until you are
ready to move on from there." "Ok well I still haven't kissed a guy before.""Oh... Well maybe I can help?" "Ummmm... I suppose you can.""Ok well... All you have to do is lean in and..." Ben starts to lean into
me. I lean in also and our lips meet in the middle. His eyes are closed!
Are they supposed to preteen modele sex
be closed? Doesn't that mean he is enjoying this? Oh
god, my eyes are closing now! Oh wow... I like this... I really like
thi... " And that happens." colombia preteen model "Huh?""Haha. forbidden preteen paysites
You ok?" "....Oh... Yea... Mhm..."" Haha.... Let's go to bed now." "Ok... Yea...""Haha."Ben gets up and helps me up. We walk into my room and I accidentally trip
on australian preteen models
a shoe and fall into him. preteen thong archive
"Oh gosh, I'm sorry.""No it's cool."I walk over to the bed, take off my shirt, then hop in next to Jake who is
now snoring. preteen modele sex
"Goodnight Ben...""Goodnight Mason."Oh wow... things just got complicated.(Ben's view)Wow... so after about twenty minutes after Mason and I kissed and I'm still
awake thinking preteen boy naturism
about it. What happened? Did I really willingly kiss Mason
when I know that I still have confusion with Zac and Jake? God I am so
messed up. But that kiss was really something.... amazing. Ugh I just need
some sleep. Some nice, long sleep.(Jake's view)Ugh... I always hate waking up. Woah... Is Mason on top of me? Wow! preteen modele nude
shit happening already and I haven't even gotten out of bed. Hey now, I
kind of like this. Oh he's grabbing me now. He must be having a really nice
dream because I know that preteen modele sex is not a pencil poking me in my southern region!
Oh god he's waking up."Jake?' "Yea Mase?""I really like you too."Oh... false alarm. He's sleep talking. "Go back to sleep bud.""Mk. Will you cuddle with me?" "Sure bud." I lay my arm across his back. "Just go back to bed
now.""Thank you." "No problem..."Should I really think that he likes me now or was it just him talking
stupid stuff? Ugh life always has to be so damn confusing!(Ben's view)Haha wow! Did I really just hear what I just heard? Jake and Mason getting
coy up there does not float my fucking boat! Did Mason completely forget
about me? And really Jake, couldn't at least wait to talk to me before you
go and cuddle him? Ugh great, my day is already off to a bad start.**** Ok so again I slipped but that's k because I don't think I want to
continue this story, sorry. I will finish this up at around chapter 10 preteen galleries fruit but
I will leave it open to where I can always come back to it. Again my
teenage friend helped me out by motivating me to do my best and not give up
so give him another thanks by watching his videos. "4398dude" on YouTube.
He has this one video "Giving You Up" and I liked that one. Anyways I will
be writing a new story about Spiderman in the celebrity section so be sure
to look out for that. It will be called "Here preteen modele nude We Go Again". K Have a good
week - J
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